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Weekday Services:
Morning Services:
  Sunday 8:30 AM
  Monday & Thursday 7:00 AM

Evening Services:

  Tuesday 9:15 PM (after the Torah Studies Class)

Shabbat Services:

  Chassidus Class: 8:30 AM
  Morning Services: 9:45 AM
  Kiddush Farbrengen: 1:00 PM
  Afternoon Class: 1 Hour before afternoon services
  Afternoon Services: 1/2 Hour before Candle Lighting(of the preceding Friday)
  Evening Services~Mariv: Night Fall
Upcoming events
Nov. 23, 2017
Come study one-on-one with a Yeshivah student,
and then bring an instrument and join the Chabad of Sheepshead Bay Band!

For Men Only
We Want Moshiach Now!