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Bat Mitzvah Club


This is a special time in your daughter's life, and the Bas Mitzvah Club is here to help her make the most of it.

The goal of the Bas Mitzvah Club is to give your daughter the tools to cope with anything life can throw at her, all while becoming a strong Jewish Woman. READ MORE.


Get ready for loads of laughs as she makes her forever friends. She'll dive into some crafts, cooking, projects and games. During Bas Mitzvah Club meetings, she'll get to chat about the real issues she faces every day. Know that for her, it'll be a safe place to talk about anything from boys to braces. READ MORE.


Her Bat Mitzvah Club meetings will cover a number of ‘tween topics, activities that guide her into adulthood with grace, G-d and giggles, and convey what being a Bat Mitzvah really is - in a fresh and fun way!

During the course of the Bat Mitzvah Club year, she'll learn to become more considerate, empathic, and generous. With meetings loaded with friends, food and fun, she'll learn how to take responsibility, what a soul is and how to make it shine. READ MORE.

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