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  Join other Jewish Women in Sheepshead Bay to unite, inspire, and have 'loaves' of fun as we roll up our sleeves together, to bake special Shlisel (Key) Challah which is a merit for wealth.
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FOR WOMEN ONLY                                    BETH SHALOM HALL

 Women and Girls of all Ages are welcome!                        2710 Avenue X, Brooklyn, NY 11235




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Australian singer and performer has been delighting audiences throughout North 
America and around the world. With her powerful voice and soulful tunes, Rivkah captures her audience and inspires them to embrace their Jewish heritage. Her charming character, class and beauty, both inside and out, make her interactive performances extremely enjoyable, as she breathes life and meaning into the words of each song. Rivkah is also a certified health coach who gives personalized guides to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Watch Rivkah weave in her soulful music with healthy living!
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This is not the first Challah Bake. For 25 years, Tzippy Cohen has been running occasional bake classes for women. Women from all backgrounds have been attracted to Tzippy's homemade recipes. We are finally now making a MEGA Bake where Tzippy will once again present her amazing recipe to us as we all unite!  




Connect with many voices and one heart. The power of Women's Unity has so much energy, it can break obstacles and inspire to answer to each one's prayer. This event will bring together women from Sheepshead Bay area, regardless of Jewish knowledge, affiliation or background, to bake challah.