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   Bar Mitzvah
Discovery Program

The transition from child to teenager is an important milestone in any child's life. Our emphasis is to foster awareness that this milestone is only the beginning of Jewish life and help attain a greater appreciation of the Jewish adult's responsibilities. 

The Bar Mitzvah Discovery Program is a course that focuses on the significance of the Bar Mitzvah from contemporary and historical perspectives. Students will learn the structure and deeper meanings behind the Bar Mitzvah service and will be shown how to don the Tefillin, and how to make the Blessings for his Aliyah. In addition we can teach your son his  Bar Mitzvah Torah Portion or Haftorah. The weekly Classes will explore Jewish concepts that are fundamental to understanding and appreciating our heritage and rituals.

Regardless of where the celebration and service are being held, private tutoring, can be arranged to help you prepare for this special day.

For dates, fees and location of the Bar Mitzvah Programs, Call our Office at 718-934-9331 or Click Here to email us.