Chabad of Sheepshead Bay
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The Cruise & Shmooz

Nothing quite compares to a NYC sunset cruise through city lights glistening like diamonds on the dark water, while enjoying a Gourmet Catered Kosher Dinner, Open Bar and a Sushi Bar.

Our program includes a Guest Speaker to inspire and to help us nurture our Jewish Pride, and an Entertainer to make us feel “Sheves Achim Gam Yachad” together as one, with the rest of our community.

With a drink in your hand, the breeze in your face and the NYC skyline shimmering before you, how could you possibly go wrong? It’s a happy hour of sightseeing!

So grab some friends, family or coworkers and enter the magical twilight scene of NYC. Experience the Instagram potential as you watch the sunset and glide under the majestically lit Lady Liberty.


Star Points

  • Enjoy our 3 Hour evening cruise through the New York Harbor!
  • Admire New York City's skyline, temming with skyscrapers.
  • Enjoy a relaxed night full of fun entertainment!
  • View the historic Coney Island Harbor.
  • Cruise along Brooklyn, Staten Island and Manhatten.
  • Sail along in a smooth ride, and shmooz with friends.
  • Enjoy a full Catered Dinner, Open Bar and Sushi Bar.
  • Bring your camera for excellent New York Harbor photo opportunities.



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The Chabad House

About Chabad of Sheepshead Bay

In 1992, when waves of new immigrants began to settle in the Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn, the Lubavitcher Rebbe sent Rabbi Shlomo Cohen and his wife Tzippy, to establish a Chabad House that would cater to their unique needs. Ever since, the Chabad House has become an integral part of the rich tapestry of the Jewish community in New York. Jews everywhere know that whenever they are in a moment of need, the Chabad House’s doors are open.

Today, Chabad of Sheepshead Bay has expanded to include many innovative programs geared especially to the ever-changing face of the needs of Jewish community. Daily Morning Prayers, Community Holiday Celebrations, Bar/Bat Mitzvah Club, All Life Cycle Events, Crisis Counseling, Hospital Visitation. These are but a few of our many programs, and but a tip of the iceberg in fulfilling our ultimate vision. With your involvement and support, we can continue to grow and expand as YOU become part of our history.


Chabad accomplishments this year

  • Sunday Hebrew School
  • Adult Education increased
  • Started New Classes
  • Increased Bar Mitzvah Club
  • New Teenage Program
  • New Adult Activities