We hope to engage your child's sense of identity by capturing his/her imagination and attention. Therefore, we put a lot of effort into providing our students with substantive lessons and a positive atmosphere.

Using the highly acclaimed CKids curriculums, students will embark on an adventure of self discovery and commitment. Our curriculum is immersive and transformative and will encourage your child to form deep attachments to the Jewish heroes of our past on practical, emotional, and spiritual levels. 

It is our goal to make every year at Aleph Bay a spectacular one! Using the CKids’ six-year rotational cycle, students delve into the Jewish history, holidays, heroes, and mitzvot, at developmentally appropriate levels. Each year, we zoom in to another important topic from the Torah, learning valuable lessons and building strong Jewish foundations that contribute to the proud Jewish adults of our future.

Using educational tools such as art, topography, theater, filmmaking, STEAM, Virtual Reality and more, students will relive the journey of our ancestors and be given tools to implement the values learned in our story. The deeply engaging curriculum will further your child’s cognitive development and self-expression and give them a strong sense of wellbeing and Jewish pride.

For Hebrew language exposure, our Hebrew School uses the highly praised Aleph Champ program. Aleph Champ clearly breaks down the Hebrew language into manageable goals and levels ensuring that each child will be comfortable with the Hebrew language, recognize letters and words, and progress dramatically in their Hebrew reading skills by the end of their Hebrew School experience. 

Our Monthly Cteen Junior are the freshest and most exciting events, empowering kids to tap into their own interests while connecting to their identity and impact! Each month, we offer a thrilling and innovative program that gives your child (exclusively grades 6-8) the opportunity to experience each Jewish holiday in a memorable way. Through placing a compelling spin on the standard holiday traditions, we make Judaism relevant in your families’ life.

Once a month, our Aleph Bay Hebrew School gathers for a school-wide assembly highlighting Jewish birthdays and children who have moved up in their Tzivos Hashem ranks. These gatherings nurture a sense of companionship and unity within the school community and give each child their time to shine.

Below is a sample of our Hebrew School curriculum for you to enjoy. Bear in mind that the curriculum is so much more than what is written on paper and our teachers have the unique ability to bring these ideas to life.